Materials & Care

If your new École d'Anaïs jewel

is 24 kt gold plated:

To preserve its shine, avoid contact with water, perfumes and cosmetics.

 Make sure you wear them after your daily beauty routine.

When you're not wearing them, store them in the case they came in where they will be protected from light and moisture.

To prevent them from dulling, wipe them gently with a soft cloth every week.

To prevent the chains from tangling, they recommend that you leave the clasp on the outside of the case.

If Your new École d'Anaïs jewel

is in 925 Silver:

You really have a few simple rules to follow to preserve it with care.

 When using creams or cleansers, remove your silver jewelry. The chemicals contained in your beauty routine could dull or oxidize it.

 Do not wear your silver jewelry in contact with sea water and if this happens, be sure to rinse them under fresh water with a mild soap, take care to dry them well before wearing them again.

 Do not put your silver bracelets or rings together with elastic costume jewelery. In plastic and elastic materials there is often sulfur which can blacken your silver jewelry.

 If you decide to use specific products for cleaning silver, remember to be delicate and to act only superficially with a soft cloth, in order not to damage the burnished parts which are the natural surface color aimed at obtaining an aesthetic oxidation.

 Put your jewel in the box you received at the time of purchase, this simple gesture will protect its shine.